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M e m o r a b l e  M o m e n t s         

Columbia University Gagaku Ensemble_
Kammerphilharmonie Köln tour of Germany
Henry Liang with the legendary Yo-Yo Ma_
Knox Carols
Sydney Conservatorium of Music Orchestra
Henry Liang soloist of the Chamber Philh
Henry Liang and Mayumi Miyata - Kunitach
Opening of the St
YMCG Silkroad Ensemble at Xinghai Concer
Henry Liang making silly noises with Den
Royal Australian Navy Band in Indian Int
Royal Australian Navy Band in Paris
Operation Slipper Street Parade, Sydney
Lunar New Year Celebrations
Henry Liang en-route to India in a Hercu
Henry Liang recital at the Sydney Conser
Henry Liang - Royal Australian Navy GE31
ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Villers-Breten
Pinch Hitter at the Factory Theatre, Syd
Ensemble Offspring _Open Mic_ performanc
Henry Liang at ABC Studios Ultimo
Henry Liang playing the shō - Columbia U
Sydney Symphony Vanguard Series - Henry
Shō performance at the Museum of Contemp
Henry Liang invitational visit to West P
Ceremonial Sunset at Mindil Beach, Darwi
Henry Liang - Soloist of Kammerphilharmo
Dawn Service - Villers Bretonneux
Anzac Day in France
Golden Guitar Awards Ceremony, Tamworth_
Freedom of Entry Parade in Benalla_
Henry Liang and Sufjan Stevens at the Sy
HMAS Supply Commissioning 2021
Anzac Day in France_
Henry Liang Tokyo Recial
Henry Liang rehearsing shō with the Onog
Henry Liang and Remi Miura-sensei
Henry Liang performing at the Canton Tow
Chamber Philharmonie of Cologne
Henry Liang with Lish Lindsay on a rooft
Soloist Henry Liang with Kammerphilharmo
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