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A bio-data sonification series celebrating the interplay between humans and plants.

Bio-data sonification.JPG

 I made a small electronic device that can connect to plants or any living organisms (like mushrooms growing out of a book).

Designed to detect bio-electric signals whilst simultaneously capturing levels of ambient light, temperature, and movement via electrode pads and/or copper wires.

The data is then converted into MIDI and processed through Max MSP to produce sounds in real-time,

Then I improvise with it on the shō, like having a little chat with the plant, or something. 

Episode 0.5: "INTRODUCTION" (2020)

House plant from Bunnings

Mornington, Victoria 38.23N 145.05E

Update - August 2023:
Currently working on expanding the series to capture plant data from different locations around Australia.
Episode 1 (Karloo Pools) and Episode 2 (The Dandenongs) coming soon*.

*Better acting not guaranteed.
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