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Cape Schanck, Victoria, Australia
Henry Liang ABC Commission - Mori for Flute & Shō



Windplay by Andrew Howes - TrioBamboo
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Windplay by Andrew Howes - TrioBamboo

Moving Time by Ichiro Seki
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Moving Time by Ichiro Seki

A fun little improv in front of a waterfall. Blue Mountains, Sydney.
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A fun little improv in front of a waterfall. Blue Mountains, Sydney.

Three classically trained musicians, two flautists and a clarinetist, drawn to the evocative sounds of bamboo instruments from Japan.

Rosamund Plummer - Ryuteki, Nokhan

Bronwyn Kirkpatrick - Shakuhachi

Henry Liang - Shō


A bio-data sonification video series celebrating the interrelations between humans, plants & mycelium.

 I designed and coded an electronic device that can connect to any living organism (e.g. oyster mushrooms growing out of a book)

via electrode pads to detect its bio-electric signals whilst simultaneously capturing levels of ambient light, temperature, and movement.

The data is then converted into MIDI and processed through Max MSP to produce spontaneous sounds triggered by the living organism and its surrounding environment.

Netori, Kashin & Etenraku.

a virtual performance with members of the Columbia University of New York Gagaku Ensemble

"if i could draw you a star" 

for shō + sax + electronics + live visuals

Improvised performance with Tom Duck & Todd Fuller for the opening of The St. Leonards Creative Precinct in Sydney - edited by Jules Harvey.

Spirit of Place.png

Spirit of Place





La Noche de los Mayas.png

La Noche

de Los Mayas


Straight Ahead - Big Band.png

Straight Ahead


RAN Big Band

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RAN Big Band

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