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Windplay by Andrew Howes - TrioBamboo
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Windplay by Andrew Howes - TrioBamboo

Moving Time by Ichiro Seki
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Moving Time by Ichiro Seki

A fun little improv in front of a waterfall. Blue Mountains, Sydney.
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A fun little improv in front of a waterfall. Blue Mountains, Sydney.

Three classically trained musicians, two flautists and a clarinetist, drawn to the evocative sounds of bamboo instruments from Japan.

Rosamund Plummer - Ryuteki, Nokhan

Bronwyn Kirkpatrick - Shakuhachi

Henry Liang - Shō


A bio-data sonification video series exploring the interrelations between humans, plants & mycelium. 

 I designed a bio-data sonification device during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown.

The device is connected to living organism via electrode pads, detecting its bio-electric signals whilst simultaneously capturing levels of ambient light, temperature, and movement.

The data is then converted into MIDI and processed through Max MSP to produce spontaneous sounds for live performance collaboration.

Netori, Kashin & Etenraku.

a virtual performance with members of the Columbia University of New York Gagaku Ensemble

"if i could draw you a star" 

for shō + sax + electronics + live visuals

an improvised performance with Tom Duck (alto sax) & Todd Fuller (live visuals) for the opening of The St. Leonards Creative Precinct in Sydney.

Royal Australian Navy Band Recordings

Spirit of Place.png

Spirit of Place


La Noche de los Mayas.png

The Wasps Overture (9:25) Ralph Vaughan Williams. Overture from the Aristophanic Suite. 

Dionysiaques (11:06) Florent Schmitt. 

La Noche de los Mayas by Silvestre Revueltas. Symphonic Band transcribed by Douglas McLain.
I - Noche de los Mayas (Night of the Mayas) 
II - Noche de Jaranas (Night of Revelry)
III - Noche de Yucatan (Nights of Yucatan) 
IV - Noche de Encantamiento (Nights of Enchantment) 

Danzon No. 2 by Arturo Marquez.

Symphonic Band transcribed by Oliver Nickel.

Lieutenant Commander Steven Stanke, RAN

La Noche

de Los Mayas





On the beaches of Gallipoli, the Egyptian sands or the bloody fields of France, Australian soldiers and sailors served with pride during World War One. Their battles and stamina forged our notion of a modern Australian character and this recording from the Royal Australian Navy Band pays tribute to those who fought for King and Country, to those left behind to keep the home fires burning, and pays respect to their legacies. Volunteers were called from far and wide, singing “Australia will be there” as they sailed away from home, and patriotic songs were sung around the family piano to lift the spirits of those remaining, encouraging others to enlist and do their part.

HMAS Sydney won her first battle at sea but we lost our first two submarines and all those aboard. More than 60,000 Australians were killed over the four year war and more than 150,000 were wounded, gassed, or taken prisoner. Anzac Day and Remembrance Day have always been a poignant and respectful day for remembrance and reflection by Australians but in 2018, this 100th year since the signing of the Armistice that ended the first ‘Great’ War, we give special thanks to those who fought for us and created the uniquely Australian Anzac spirit in those trenches far away.

Lieutenant Brian O’Kane.

Straight Ahead - Big Band.png

Straight Ahead


RAN Big Band

The Royal Australian Navy Band is one of Australia's most recognised and valued military bands, and we are pleased to add this collection to our long recording history. Since 1913, the RAN Band has proudly taken the voice of Australia to the world and represented our country's creativity, history and traditions. All tracks on this album were arranged by members of the RAN Band, highlighting the versatility and talent of some of Australia’s finest musicians and the Royal Australian Navy’s finest sailors.

Lieutenant Commander Steven Stanke.

Compositions - Big Band.png



RAN Big Band

It has been over fifteen years since the Royal Australian Navy Band has produced a dedicated big band recording. Our last recording was titled ‘Generations in Swing’ and featured one of Australia's finest jazz musicians, Mr Don Burrows.

The jazz genre has played an important role in the history of the Royal Australian Navy Band. As you listen to this recording, I am sure you will agree with me that the standard of musicianship, solo and sectional performance on this recording is world class. It gives me much pleasure to present to you ‘Compositions’ recorded by the Royal Australian Navy’s ‘Admiral's Own Big Band’. I hope you enjoy this recording.

Lieutenant Commander Paul Cottier.